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Meadow Grove's "Wish" Program!

January 30, 2020
Grove City, Ohio - This winter at Meadow Grove, we have had the wonderful opportunity to roll-out our new Wishing Program! Our very first resident wish that we granted was for Patty, a lovely new resident here. Patty had a very simple request that was very exciting to fulfill. We were able to get Patty a new refrigerator for her room, making it that much more like home for her!

As our focus is on our culture of care and being person-centered in our care, the ability to grant wishes like these is astounding. We are very blessed to be in each of our residents' lives daily and this is another fantastic way for us to give back to them. 

Stay tuned as we continue to share our granted wishes with our community, the families, and the residents of Meadow Grove Transitional Care. Have a great weekend!

Core Values #9: Build a Positive Team and a Family Spirit.

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