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Keeping the Good Times Rolling!

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February 7, 2020
Grove City, Ohio - Norma Jean has lived at Meadow Grove for 2 1/2 years. She says the best thing about living here is that it is close to all her family and she loves it when they come to visit. While Norma is a social butterfly and loves getting around and meeting new people and helping anyone in any way she can, her favorite thing to do at Meadow Grove, "without a doubt" is play bingo!! And it's even better when she wins!! Her best memories are that of family and friends, and she truly feels like everyone at Meadow Grove includes her as family. She has met so many wonderful people that have impacted her in some way. She considers Meadow Grove a better place to live than somewhere else because "It is clean, the staff is so friendly, and they want to make my life better." She would like to add that we also have "the most wonderful rehab here in this facility that has helped many of the residents, including me!"

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Keeping the Good Times Rolling!
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True Measures of Impact, Directly from the Residents
Thank you for the kind words, Veronica!

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Veterans Honored at Grove City Nursing Home
From all of us at Meadow Grove, thank you for your service!

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