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Family Connections Program at Grove City Nursing Home

March 17 , 2020
Grove City, Ohio - Meadow Grove is excited to announce the recent implementation of several new tablets equipped with Skype for your communication needs during this trying time. While we are doing everything to ensure the safety of your loved one, this comes at the cost of face to face visitation, but not anymore!

Starting Tuesday, March 17 we will be scheduling Skype sessions for families to call into the facility and video chat with your loved one. This program will be facilitated by your loved one’s caring companion. The Caring Companion is a program at Meadow Grove in which we assign a department head to residents in a “buddy system” format. Your caring companion will be reaching out to you this week for introductions, if you don’t know them already!

Caring Companions will be your main contact for updates throughout the visitor restriction, and beyond into normal operations once things subside. Please familiarize yourself with their name and department for easy reference when calling in.

As always, please direct any COVID-19 questions to the DON or Administrator as we are the primary contacts to ensure that accurate messages are relayed to you. Thank you all for your understanding and we look forward to Skyping soon!

Downloading Skype:

  • Skype can be installed on laptops, desktops, and mobile devices by clicking this link: https://www.skype.com/en/get-skype/
  • Once in, click “sign in” in the top right corner
  • Then, click “New to Skype” to create an account.
  • From there, search for one of user accounts listed below that correlates to your loved ones’ room number

Meadow Grove Accounts by Room Number

100/400 – MeadowGroveOhio1@gmail.com

200/300 – MeadowGroveOhio2@gmail.com

700/800 – MeadowGroveOhio3@gmail.com

600/900 – MeadowGroveOhio4@gmail.com

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